lets say I want to move from one memory point to another lets say

for now the text screen, (seg is 0b800h and it's size is 4000 bytes)

so we have to use some very special command :

MOVSB - Moves string byte, moves one byte from DS:SI to ES:DI and if

the CF is 0 (CLD is the command thats set is to 0) then

both si and di are incremented, if CF is 1 then (STD)

si and di are decremented.

MOVSW - Moves string word, moves one word (2 bytes) from DS:SI to ES:DI

the method of incrementing is the same like movsb just it does

it by 2 and by 1 byte.

REP command - Repeats a certain command lets say "rep movsw" it will preform

movsw in a loop and which cx defines how much, if cx is 10 then

the movsw will be done 10 times.

now after we know those command lets implement them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sseg segment

db 10 dup (?)


cseg segment

assume cs:cseg,ss:sseg,ds:cseg,es:nothing

buf db 4000 dup (?)

start :

push ds ; we must save it

mov ax,seg buf ; we cannot type into segment registers directly

mov ds,ax ; it goes into simple register and then to the segment

mov si,offset buf

mov ax,0b800h ; adress of screen

mov es,ax

mov di,0

mov cx,2000 ; to speed up use movsw (4000 bytes/2)

rep movsw

pop ds

mov ax,4c00h

int 21h


end start


and thats is, but what I will do if I want lets say clear the memory

with out using buffer or clearing the buffer it self ????




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