Assembly language  works with segments .each segment has a  maximum  limit which is 64K,

Now we create a segment.

when we have a segment we have to give it a definition,

For this  we  need the command "Assume" which gives each one of the segments

registers it's default segment,

Here is a typical segment—-


Sseg segment ; a semicolon (;) is a remark and will not be compiled

db 10 dup (?)

ends ; each segment has a name and the "segment" after it

; when we finished to define stuff in the segment

; we close it with ends (end segment)

Dseg segment


Cseg segment

assume cs:cseg,ds:dseg,ss:sseg



know as we saw segment is built as follow :

Name Segment





know in the dseg all the data will be stored, in the sseg the stack

and in the cseg the code.

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