Learning Assembly language


Programming is an art.

There are plenty of compilers around to program.The famous C,the beautiful Java,the useful HTML,the elusive oracle and the simple .net…



So why assembly language????

                  Those of you who ever had a go at cracking and all other stuff will have a readymade answer to it.No cracking without a crack at assembly language.






















If u are not in the cracking Biz why do you need it?

          No programmer is complete without mastery over assembly language..your program ruins slow or there is some deep glitch.you work on it day and night and still the glitch remains a glitch.here comes the assembly language.You analyse the processes and come at a diagnosis…


       Assembly language makes you powerful.it is the base on which everything is built.

Without assembly language you will always remain a novice.whatever you build or achieve.



So lets start the learning process.


You must have heard that the—-

                        Assembly language is hard to learn and understand

                         Its difficult to debug

                          It’s a messy outfit

                         Why do you want to save a little space using assembly language when you have so much space?


Believe Me, learning assembly language is easier than most high level languages..

Once you learn assembly language everything else comes naturally..



  Assembly language has several benefits:

• Speed. Assembly language programs are generally the fastest programs around.

• Space. Assembly language programs are often the smallest.

• Capability. You can do things in assembly which are difficult or impossible in HLLs.

• Knowledge. Your knowledge of assembly language will help you write better programs,

even when using HLLs.























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